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Conditions, salary and benefits

1. Salary

    The majority of salaries in Korean institutes range from 1.8 million won to 2.7 million won per rmonth

     depending on career.


2. Period of Employment

    Generally contracts are for one year. This is renewable. 


3. Working days

    Working hours are generally Monday to Friday and eight hours a day. Working hours vary a great deal

     from school. 


4. Airfare

    The institute will provide a on-way ticket for teachers.

     Upon completion of contract, return ticket will also be provided. 


5. Housing 

     A leased house/apartment/studio-type room as well as basic household goods will be provided by employer.

      Due to variations in housing costs in different regions of Korea, the size and location of the supplied housing

      can vary.


      Basic household goods normally include : a bed, a table and chairs, a wardrobe, a gas stove, a refrigerator,

                                                                         a washing machine, a microwave oven, and a TV set.


      Utilities and maintenance fees are not provided for and are the responsibility of the teachers.


6. Compulsory Medical Insurance

      Pursuant to the National Medical Insurance Act, 50% of your medical insurance premiums will be paid by your 

      employer.  Approximately 4.31% of salary is current medical insurance premium.

      The employer will pay about 2.1% and the rest of amount will be deducted from the salary.

      If teachers have dependents living with them in Korea, the employer will continue to pay half of their premiums.


7. Severance Pay

     When completion of one year contract, teachers will be paid one month's salary as a sevrance payment.

      If the work period is less than one year or the contract is not complete, severance payment is not paid. 


8. Holiday and Vacation

     Normally total 10 ~ 14 days paid vacation per year and all staturoty holidays. 


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