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General process


Before applying for ESL(English as a Second Language) teaching jobs in Korea, please look through the entire hiring process explained below. 

The entire process can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months depending on the time it takes to acquire your necessary document for your visa process. 




Submit a complete resume & recent electronic(scanned) photo


Once you have determined that you are qualified to be an ESL teacher in Korea, send us your complete resume & recent electornic(scanned) photo.

Resumes should show the entire work history of the applicant, and should be as detailed as possible 

to show what training and experience has been gained in each position. Applicants must be aware that their photos are very important to Korean employers 

as this is the first and often only impression they will get of them. All applications are initially screened by Job Hunt Korea for suitability for teaching in Korea. 


(You should start to prepare required document for your E2 visa below to save time for processing)




Interview screening with Job Hunt Korea


If prospective teacher passes the first screening, we will make a reservation for interview via phone or video chatting. 

It's an assessment by Job Hunt Korea of the applicant's suitablility for being 

placed in one of our schools. Once you successfully passes this interview, we will bring you to the next step.

*You can send us your self-introduction video clip when you sumit a resume. It will help us to know about you and make the process a lot easier and faster.





Send the required documents package for your E-2 visa


You have to sumit the required documents to Job Hunt Korea by FedEx, DHL, or UPS. 

As soon as we receive the required documents from you, we will prepare to process your E2 work visa in a fater way 

At the same time, we will contact with vary suitable schools for you based on your preference.




Job interview with school and Sign a contract


Once the employer informs us that you are a suitable candidate for the position based on your resume and self-introduction video clip, we will arrange a job interview. 

The interview also can be done over the phone or vidio chatting as you do with us. Only one interview will be enough for employer and it won't be long.

After interview has been completed, the employer will let us know their decision to go on next steop, contract.

Employer will then offer a applicant a contract through Job Hunt Korea. We will review all contracts as we expect for you. 

When we are satisfied, we send the contract to you. You then review the cotract and sign it and send it back to you.

This completes the hiring process and we move on to apply for E2 visa for you with the required documents package you sent us before.





Visa processing


Job Hunt Korea will submit your application to the Korean Ministry of Justice in Korea.

Your documents are processed and, after being approved, we let you know the "visa issuance number," which you must take it to the Korean consulate closest to you or mail it to Korean embassy, so that your E2 visa can be stamped into your passport.  


  • General Requirements for Visa Application 

  • A valid passport & A passport copy 

  • A completed visa application (pdf) 

  • A passport size photo (2”x 2” color) 

  • Fee: $45 for U.S. citizens (Cash or money order only; Pay to the Order: Korean Embassy) 

  •  Submitting your visa application via mail (the consulate is not responsible for any items delayed or lost in the mail) 


After submitting your visa application via mail, if you wish to have your passport with the visa mailed back to you, 

please enclose a self-addressed and pre-paid Express Mail Envelope(with $19.95 stamp) provided by the U.S. Postal Service.





The way to come to Korea


You will have to buy a flight ticket. It will be reimbursed by the employer upon arrival in Korea. If you feel that it's difficult to book your flight ticket, you may ask us to get a flight ticket from our travel agency.





Arrive in Korea and Apply ARC


You will meet one of our staffs at the airport and take you to the school. Within 90 days of arrival, you must visit the immigration office nearest to your school and apply for an Alien Registration Card. You must also submit a medical report issued from a qualified medical center in Korea (which will be paid for by the school).

The medical check should include a TBPE test, a Cannabinoid Test and a HIV test.

(If you cannot pass the medical test, your E-2 VISA will be cancelled right away.)

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